Founder/ Organizer

God dropped a vision into my heart in 1998, but at that time I was extremely quiet and I didn’t have a clue where to start. After co-ordinating the MARCH FOR JESUS in the final year 2000, the vision became even greater and I knew I had to act on it. God showed me through the MFJ that I actually could organize so I set about approaching the City of Brampton to see what was involved in using Gage Park. This was a huge step of faith. After coming up against many obstacles God started opening doors for me. I appreciate Steve Solski, theater manager of Brampton, agreeing to help me see my vision come into being.

The very first concert was held in Aug. 2000 as a trial run. After that doors opened and I immediately started planning 15 concerts for the summer 2001. I have watched it grow from 4 performers nightly to 5-6 performers each night with a mile long waiting list for next summer. We started with no money, one canopy, and a committee of 4. Through a lot of prayer, hard work and perservance these concerts have had a snow ball effect and continue to grow and bless hundreds of people. We now have 6 canopies, an amazing committee of 6, and over 20 hard working volunteers. All from different denominational and cultural backgrounds. All working together with the performers to bring a message of hope through Jesus to the people of Brampton, the GTA and beyond.  I am in awe of how God has blessed and provided for this amazing ministry!

I like to refer to it as a church without walls. God is good! We are excited to see what God will do next summer in Gage Park."

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